About me


Photography has always been a part of my life. I started capturing images more than 20 years ago.

What started as a hobby quickly evolved into a passion, with that passion leading me to my perfect profession.

It is this passion which helps me excel and succeed on a daily basis. I love to explore new fields, interact with new people and especially love working outdoors.

I regard myself a perfectionist and hold very high expectations for my work. In photography there is never an end, there is never a state of complete satisfaction. I always see room for improvement, room to be even more creative. Because of this, I always strive and put my heart into every new project.

There is no greater feeling than seeing my work published on a worldwide scale; it lets me know that I’m still heading on the right track.

Born 1976 in Switzerland
Based in: Zug, Switzerland
Education: Bachelor of Business Administration
Freelance Photographer since 2001
Owner of mart-design Medienagentur GmbH in Zug

Martin Bissig - Freelance Photographer Switzerland